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Biometrics evolution of the embryonic and fetal annexes in cows obtained by natural mating, at 10 to 70 days of gestation

The main goal of this morphometrical study was to characterize the development of the extra-embryonic membranes of 15 to 70-day-old bovine embryos obtained by natural mating. With a millimeter paquimeter the cranio-caudal, latero-lateral and dorso-ventral measurements of chorion and amnion were determined. The development of the cotyledons and weight of the gestational sac were observed and quantified. The weight of the gestational sac increased during gestation; however, the growth was faster then 20 to 30 days. The cranial-caudal and dorsal-ventral length of the choriallantois and the amnion developed slowly and gradually with progress of the gestational period, and the cranio-caudal length decreased after 50 to 60 days of gestation, increasing in the next period. After 30 to 40 days of gestation, the first cotyledons were visualized and counted easily in the chorionic surface. The growth periods were the same of the main gestational losses in cattle. The parameters analyzed could be useful for investigations of extra-embryonic membranes in organisms manipulated in the laboratory.

Placenta; bovine; extraembryonics membranes; amnion; chorion

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