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Detection of Brucella abortus in lymph nodes of buffalo cows (Bubalus bubalis) at different stages of pregnancy

Melina G.S. Sousa Marilene F. Brito Daniel G. Ubiali Antonio A. Fonseca Jr Jenevaldo B. Silva Alessandra S. Belo Reis Carlos M.C. Oliveira José D. Barbosa About the authors


The objective of this study was to detect Brucella abortus in lymph nodes of buffaloes as well as to describe the lesions caused. Nineteen buffalo cows in various stages of pregnancy, serologically positive for brucellosis and subjected to culling were used. Fetal age was determined by ultrasound examination and the size of fetuses was measured at necropsy. Fragments of lymph nodes were collected for histopathology and qPCR. The detection of B. abortus DNA in the lymph nodes was checked from the fourth month of pregnancy in seven buffaloes and in a post-calving buffalo. Acute to chronic lymphadenitis was histologically diagnosed. B. abortus DNA was detected in all evaluated groups of lymph nodes; the mammary lymph nodes were the most affected.

Index Terms:
Brucellosis; buffaloes; Bubalus bubalis; Brucella abortus; lymph nodes

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