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Aflatoxicosis in dogs in Southern Rio Grande do Sul

Angelita dos Reis Gomes Clairton Marcolongo-Pereira Eliza S.V. Sallis Daniela I. Brayer Pereira Ana Lucia Schild Renata Osório de Faria Mario C.A. Meireles About the authors

Clinical pathological aflatoxicosis in dogs is described in southern Rio Grande do Sul. It was conducted a retrospective study of cases diagnosed as aflatoxicosis in dogs necropsied at the Regional Diagnostic Laboratory (LRD) of the Veterinary School of the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) in the period 1978-2012. In four cases the diagnosis was confirmed by detection of levels of aflatoxins B1 and G1, with the finding of 89-191ppb in the feed. The macroscopic and histologic lesions and the diet observed in six of 27 dogs with liver cirrhosis led to suspicion of aflatoxicosis. Clinical signs evidenced in confirmed or suspected cases were lethargy, diarrhea, jaundice and ascites, progressing to death within 8 to 30 days in confirmed cases, and within 15 to 60 days in suspected cases. The diet was corn and rice byproducts and peanut meal, and one of the dogs received commercial ration. Gross changes were characterized by ascites, jaundice, enlarged liver, with or without regenerative nodules, hemorrhages in serous membranes and bloody intestinal content. The cases were classified according to the main histological pattern, characterized by diffuse vacuolation of the cytoplasm of hepatocytes in acute cases, by proliferation of bile ducts, and mild fibrosis in subacute cases, and by severe fibrosis in chronic cases. Apparently the disease is not important as a cause of death in dogs in the region, nevertheless the possibility of cases of cirrhosis of unknown etiology would be caused by aflatoxicosis.

Mycotoxins; aflatoxins; aflatoxicosis; dogs; epidemiology; histopathology

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