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Arterial vascularization of the thoracic lobes of the thymus in stillborns of the lineage C40

The origins and distributions of the arteries that vascularization the thoracic lobes of the thymus, right and left, were studied in 30 swine of the lineage C40, fetus, being 12 males and 18 females. The animals had the arterial system filled with aqueous colored solution in a 50% of Neoprene Latex, and than were fixed in 10% aqueous solution formaldehyde. The thoracic lobes of thymus were vascularization by direct branches of the right (53.33%) and left (63.33%) internal thoracic arteries, left subclavian (3.33%), left vertebral (3.33%), right (3.33%) and left (3.33%) superficial cervical, left common carotid (3.33%), right coronary (3.33%) and brachiocephalic trunk (33.33%) and costocervical trunk (3.33%). The right internal thoracic arteries (70%) and left internal thoracic (76.67%), left subclavian (23.33%), left superficial cervical (3.33%) of the aortic arch (6.67%) provided indirect branches for the correspondent thoracic lobes of the thymus in each side.

Vascularization; lineage C40; fetus

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