Natural poisoning by Ipomoea asarifolia (Convolvulaceae) in buffaloes on the Marajó Island, Pará, Brazil

Epidemiological aspects and clinical signs of natural poisoning by Ipomoea asarifolia in buffaloes are described. The poisoning was diagnosed in four buffaloes on three different farms, in the County of Cachoeira do Arari, Marajó Island, Pará, and occurred in November-December, a period of drought and severe pasture shortage. The clinical signs were of the central nervous system, as unsteady gait, hypermetria, severe muscular tremors, falling down in unusual positions, nystagmus and marked excitement, signs that turned more severe after movement. Based on the epidemic aspects, clinical signs and absence of histopatological changes, poisoning by Ipomoea asarifolia was diagnosed.

Poisonous plants; Ipomoea asarifolia; Convolvulaceae; plant poisoning; buffaloes

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