Actinobacillosis outbreak in cattle with clinical manifestation of hippopotamus-like face

Actinobacilose em bovinos com manifestação clínica de cara de hipopótamo

Haide Valeska Scheid Pablo Estima-Silva Francielle Liz Monteiro Lucas S. Marques Ana Carolina B. Coelho Marcelo de Lima Silvia R.L Ladeira Ana Lucia Schild About the authors


Actinobacillosis outbreak with clinical manifestation of hippopotamus-like face observed in a property located in the municipality of Capão do Leão, Southern Brazil, in September 2016, is described. The cattle herd remained for most of the year in rice stubble. When these areas were occupied with new crops, they were transferred to areas where there were small native forests. Three cattle were affected. They presented a volume increase in the nasolabial and maxillary region, and there was also regional lymph node swelling. The evolution of the disease occurred in approximately six months. In tissue fragments collected for culture, Actinobacillus lignieresii was isolated. The diagnosis was based on clinical findings, histopathological evaluation characterized by the presence of piogranulomas with Splendore Hoepli reaction in its center, bacterial isolation, and identification of A. lignieresii by polymerase chain reaction (PRC) and genetic sequencing.

Actinobacillus lignieresii; diseases of cattle; hippo face; molecular diagnostics; cattle

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