Ultrastructure of the epithelium lining of cauda epididymidis in mongrel dogs

Ultraestrutura do epitélio de revestimento da cauda epididimária em cães sem raça definida

Bruno C. Schimming Patrícia F.F. Pinheiro Carlos A. Vicentini Raquel F. Domeniconi About the authors

The epithelium lining of cauda epididymidis in mongrel dogs was examined by transmission electron microscopy. The epididymal epithelium is pseudostratified with stereocilia and is composed predominantly of principal and clear cells. Therefore, exist basal and apical cells. The principal and clear cells show features suggesting that they may be preferentially involved in absorptive and secretive functions. These results are compared with previously published data on the cauda epididymidis of other mammalian species, in order to understand the significance of the epididymis in sperm maturation.

Cauda epididymis; dogs; morphology; ultrastructure

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