Pathological changes of the genital system of agoutis (Dasyprocta aguti Linnaeus, 1758) females bred in captivity

Jael S. Batista Carlos I.A. Freitas Francisco S. Brilhante Geysa A. Viana Roberio G. Olinda Tânia V. Cavalcante Kaliane A.R. de Paiva Moacir F. de Oliveira About the authors


This paper presents seven distinct reports diseases with reproductive origins that are not yet described in females agoutis (Dasyprocta aguti Linnaeus, 1758), affecting fertility or resulted in the animal's death. The nature, location and frequency of macroscopic and histological pathological changes of the organs that compose the reproductive system of female agoutis, created under conditions of captivity in the semiarid region of Brazil, are described in this article. Were evaluated by pathological examination of the reproductive tract of thirty-nine naturally dead agoutis and sent to the Veterinary Pathology Laboratory in February 2010 to May 2015. From these, it was found pathological alterations in the reproductive system of 10 (25.6%). A total of 13 abnormalities were observed, and in some animals had the coexistence of more than one alteration. Thus, the pathological changes were: endometritis (n=4, 30.8%), pyometra (n=3; 23%), retained placenta (n=2; 15.4%), fetal maceration (n=1, 7.7%), fetal mummification (n=1, 7.7%), dystocia (n=1, 7.7%) and afuncionais ovary (n=1, 7.7%).

Index Terms:
Pathology of reproduction; pathological diagnosis; wild animal; Dasyprocta aguti

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