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Hematological and biochemical variables of young Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inungui)

Isadora K.F. Sousa Rejane S. Sousa Adna C.P. Azevedo Ilva F.C.B. Corrêa Jairo Moura de Oliveira Sidcley P. Matos Clara S. Mori Enrico L. Ortolani Nadia R.P. Almosny About the authors


Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis) young are often found and rescued from rivers, however to assess and monitor the health status of the animals is necessary to know the reference values of hematological and biochemical variables in this age group. The study aimed to determine hematological and biochemical values of healthy young manatee amazonian, kept in captivity. Were collected 20 blood samples of manatees in captivity for the hematological and biochemical evaluation. Means and standard deviations of hematological variables were: pack cell volume, 37±4%; red blood cell, 4.4±0.35x106/μL; hemoglobin, 12.5±1.6g/dL; mean corpuscular volume (VCM), 85.33±4.28fL; mean corpuscular hemoglobin (HCM), 28.29±1.39pg; and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (CHCM), 33.13±0.20%. White blood cell, 9,080±1,868x103/μL; neutrofil, 5,078±1,044.24x103/μL; lymphocytes 3,556±1,063x103/μL; eosinophil, 288±215.51x103/μL; and monocyte, 1.65±114.11x103/μL. Means and ranges (minimum and maximum) of values for the analytes were: creatine kinase (CK), 112.53 (50.10-295.80) U/L; aspartate aminotransferase (AST), 6.02 (2.80-10.20) U/L; γ-glutamyltransferase (GGT), 25.24 (10.80-45.30) U/L; alkaline phosphatase (FA), 98.73 (14.66-198.30) U/L; total protein, 6.12 (5.38-7.10) g/dL; albumin, 4.23 (3.50-5.00) g/dL; cholesterol, 310.13 (144-518) mg/dL; triglycerides, 127.98 (57.50-213.50) mg/dL; glucose, 43.63 (24.50-73.80) mg/dL; urea, 30.21 (14.30-54.25); creatinine, 1.34 (0.93-1,76) mg/dL; calcium, 10.08 (9.25-11.10) mg/dL; and inorganic phosphorum, 6.50 (4.10-8.80) mg/dL. In the present study we determined hematological and biochemical values of manatees Amazonian (Trichechus inunguis) young held in captivity, which can be used as a reference for animals in bondage and free life, kept under similar ambient conditions, and management similar.

Index Terms:
Hematology; biochemistry; peixe-boi da Amazônia; Trichechus inungui; red blood cells; white blood cells; aspartate aminotransferase; creatinine.

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