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Ultrasonographic evaluation of the eyes' posterior segment of diabetic and non-diabetic dogs with cataracts

Cataracts jeopardize the light penetration into the eye and may restrain direct exam of eye structures. It is necessary to identify very early any eye disease that could cause the failure of cataract surgery. The ocular ultrasonography or echography is a safe, non invasive, inexpensive and easy procedure that complements ocular examination. Two hundred and twenty five eyes of 123 dogs were evaluated using a 10 Mhz linear transducer ultrasound. The dogs were divided into three groups, as there is Group 1: 36 healthy control dogs; Group 2: 52 non diabetic dogs with cataracts; and Group 3: 35 diabetic dogs with cataracts; all of them were patients of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Sao Paulo. The ultrasonographic findings were in Group 1: vitreous degeneration in 43%, posterior vitreous detachment in 7.7%, asteroid hyalosis in 4.6% of the eyes; in Group 2: vitreous degeneration in 58.9%, posterior vitreous detachment in 8.4%, asteroid hyalosis in 2.1%, inflammatory or haemorrhagic process in 2.1%, retinal detachment in 4.3% of the eyes; and in Group 3: vitreous degeneration in 50.7%, posterior vitreous detachment in 13.8%, asteroid hyalosis in 12.3%, inflammatory or haemorrhagic process in 3.1%, retinal detachment in 3.1% of the eyes. It could be concluded that (1) diabetic dogs, mainly the ones with diabetes for more than 2 years, have greater chances to develop asteroid hyalosis; (2) there were no significant differences in retinal detachment frequencies for the diabetic and non diabetic dogs; and (3) the ocular ultrasonography is a safe, effective and important exam for the pre-operatory evaluation of dogs with cataracts.

Ocular ultrasound; ocular echography; Diabetes mellitus; cataracts; retinal detachment

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