Retrospective study of surgical disorders in birds

Patrícia F. Castro Denise T. Fantoni Julia M. Matera About the authors

The study assessed retrospectively avian surgeries at the Service of Small Animal Surgery, Veterinary Hospital of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of São Paulo, performed during eight years. A total of 90 procedures was done for diagnosis or treatment of surgical disorders. From these, 27 were orthopedic and 63 soft tissue surgeries. Considering the orthopedic surgeries performed according to orders we observed: Psittaciformes 85.19%, Piciformes 7.41%, Anseriformes 3.70%, and Falconiformes 3.70%; for soft tissues, the Psittaciformes represented 92.06%, Columbiformes 3.17%, Passeriformes 3.17%, and Anseriformes 1.60%. Fractures presented the highest incidence among orthopedic disorders (88.90%), followed by luxation (3.70%), traumatic avulsion of the end (3.70%) and arthritis/osteomyelitis (3.70%). Among the surgical disorders of soft tissue, neoplasms accounted in 30.15%, followed by cutaneous neoformation or non-neoplastic annexes (17.46%), undiagnosed cutaneous neoformations (7.94%), dystocia (7.94%), crop fistula (7.94%), abdominal hernia (4.76%), sinusitis (4.76%), gangrene of the extremities (3.17%), esophageal perforation (3.17%), cloaca prolapse (3.17%), "avascular necrosis of digit" (1.59%), wound in the region of the keel (1.59%), perforation of the coelomic cavity (1.59%), neoformation in the coelomic cavity without a diagnosis (1.59%), foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract (1.59%), and otitis (1.59%). The distribution of surgical disorders according to species affected showed that the "group of parrots", mainly represented by species of Amazonas genus, was prevalent. Knowledge of surgical and bird species most affected add information for those who work in this area and will be an indicator for future surgeons of birds.

Surgery; orthopedics; soft tissues; wild animals; psittaciformes

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