Rickettsia amblyommii associated with rodent and marsupials native of Raphael Fernandes Experimental Station da UFERSA, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Kaliane A.R. Paiva Josivania S. Pereira Zuliete A.A.S. Fonseca Wesley A.C. Coelho Guilherme M.S.L. Teixeira Moacir F. de Oliveira Sílvia M.M. Ahid About the authors


The study aimed to register the occurrence of Rickettsia sp. in rodents and marsupials native of the Rafael Fernandes Experimental Station of UFERSA, Mossoró/RN, Brazil. The study consisted of field research on small wild mammals, with data expressed in simple frequency and percentage through IBM SPSS (IBM Corp., Armonk, NY), version 22.0. Samples of blood plasma from 36 marsupials and 5 rodents were collected. From these, 64 contained Amblyomma auricularium, 7 Amblyomma parvum and 12 Amblyomma sp. All blood plasma samples were analyzed by indirect immunofluorescence technique, and 16 macerated specimens of A. auricularium and 3 of A. parvum were analyzed by reaction technique Polymerase Chain. From the tested plasma samples 17.60% were seropositive for Rickettsia amblyommii, 8 were positive for A. auricularium e R. amblyommii in gene gltA analysis of the fragments (350 bp) and ompA (587 bp) with 100% similarity with Candidatus R. amblyommii Bahia and AAPE strain, what corresponded to a low circulation of the agent from the vectors and hosts. This study registers for the first time the occurrence of R. amblyommii in marsupials Gracilinanus agilis and Monodelphis domestica belonging to the Didelphidae family, and in rodents of the Echimyidae and Cricetidae families, the species of which were Thrichomys sp. and Wiedomys sp. respectively, in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte.

Rickettsia amblyommii; rodents; marsupials; seropositivity.

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