Monitoring and molecular characterization of group Drotavirus in Brazilian poultry farms

Monitoramento e caracterização molecular de rotavírus do grupo D em criações comerciais brasileiras

Laila A.R. Beserra Nara T.C.G. Bernardes Paulo E. Brandão Fabio Gregori About the authors


Rotaviruses are etiological agents of diarrhea both in humans and in several animal species. Data on avian Group D rotaviruses (RVD) are scarce, especially in Brazil. We detected RVD in 4 pools of intestinal contents of broilers, layer and broiler breeders out of a total of 111 pools from 8 Brazilian states, representing an occurrence of 3.6%, by a specific RVD RT-PCR targeting the VP6 gene. Phylogenetic tree confirmed that the Brazilian strains belong to group D and 3 of the sequences were identical in terms of amino acid whereas one showed 99.5% identity with the others. The sequences described in this study are similar to other sequences previously detected in Brazil, confirming the conserved nature of the VP6 protein.

Index Terms:
VP6; rotavirus; group D; avian; broilers

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