Spatial relationship between the distal phalanx and the hoof capsule in young Campolina mares with and without obesity

Jéssica F. Magalhães Leonardo R. Lima Cahuê F.R. Paz Sérgio S. Rocha Junior Álvaro P.L. Oliveira Patrícia C. Duarte Luiz A. do Lago Rafael R. Faleiros About the authors


Previous studies have demonstrated radiographic changes in the hoof of obese horses. The objective was to study through radiographic evaluation the spatial relationship between the hoof capsule and the distal phalanx of Campolina mares with and without obesity. Twenty-two Campolina mares 3 to 5 years old were used. We analyzed adiposity variables and radiographic measurements of the hoof of both forelimbs of mares with body condition score from 5 to 7/9 (Control group) and from 8 to 9 (Obese group). Comparisons were made between groups using the Student t test for parametric variables and the Mann-Whitney test for the nonparametric ones. Pearson or Spearman tests were used to evaluate the correlation among parametric and nonparametric variables respectively (P<0.05). Evidences of changes in the spatial relationship between the hoof capsule and the distal phalanx were observed in obese Campolina young mares.

Spatial relationship; distal phalanx; hoof capsule; Campolina mares; obesity; hoof; body condition; equine; laminitis

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