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Bone marrow stem cell applied in the canine veterinary clinics

Células tronco de medula óssea utilizadas na clínica veterinária canina


Cell therapy represents an old therapeutic practice initiated with the transfusion of whole blood in different clinical situations. There is now a breakthrough in the study of multipotent stem cell therapy because of its functionality in regeneration of tissues, which promotes attention of the scientific community. Bone marrow is one of the main sources of multipotent stem cells, composed by hematopoietic stem cells responsible for the renewal of the cellular components of the blood, and mesenchymal stem cells that aid in the regeneration of tissues. These cells have a strong potential for the treatment of several diseases, due their main characteristics such as high plasticity, capacity for self-renewal and immunomodulation. Although, there are many studies that show good results with the use of cell therapy as a form of treatment for several diseases, some studies still show inconclusive or unsatisfactory results. Therefore, the objective of this study was to review the application of bone marrow stem cells in the canine model since improvements on the knowledge of the technique are necessary to enable its applicability with safety and efficacy.

Stem cells; bone marrow; hematopoietic; dogs

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