Reproductive characteristics of Brazilian dwarf brocket deer (Mazama nana)

Mazama nana is the least known of Brazilian deer species. The male reproductive parameters are still unknown, but apparently they did not show reproductive seasonality. In this work were used nine males of M. nana in reproductive age, kept in captivity. They were assessed for weight, height of wither, crown-rump length, the situation of horns, testicular volume and consistency. The sperm was collected by electro-ejaculation and subjected to analyses of motility, vigor and morphology. The correlation between age, weight, height of wither, crown-rump length, testicular volume and characteristics of the ejaculate (volume, motility, vigor and sperm concentration) were evaluated by the procedure Corr., of SAS®. The mean ± standard deviation observed for weight (kg), crown-rump length (cm) and height of wither (cm) were: 15.72±1.98, 74.9±3.05, and 48.5±2.06 respectively. For primary reproductive parameters were observed: volume of ejaculate (91.46±68.24ìl); motility (70±8.16%); vigor (3.0±0.67); sperm concentration (1536x10(6) ±351x10(6) spermatozoa per ml). For sperm morphology was found a high percentage of abnormal cells (40.90%), with predominant defects in the tail (25.95%).

Deer; morphology; semen

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