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Outbreak of salt poisoning in pigs in Santa Catarina

A total of 70 pigs were affected and died due to salt poisoning in two farms in southern Brazil. The only source of drinking water available to the pigs was whey from cheese salting process. One day after receiving the whey, animals started getting sick and showed excessive salivation, opisthotonus, paddling, and cyclic tremors. At necropsy of three pigs, two of them presented flattening of gyri and the other one presented cortical telencephalon edema. Microscopically, severe diffuse neuronal necrosis in telencephalic laminar cortex, Alzheimer type II astrocytes (AIIA), eosinophilic and lymphocytic perivascular cuffing apart of perivascular edema were observed. Weak or absent anti-glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) immunolabeling was associated with positive immunostaining for S-100 in AIIA cytoplasm. Concentration of sodium in serum and liquor samples from dead pigs resulted 140 and 156mmol/L, respectively.

Pigs; salt poisoning; sodium chloride; neuronal necrosis

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