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Effect of the blood collection site on the hematological parameters in red-eared slider, Trachemys scripta elegans

The aim of the present study was to compare two different blood collection sites of 24 red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) from a commercial breeder, situated in Antonina, Paraná, Brasil. The animals were physically restrained and paired blood samples were collected from the dorsal coccygeal vein and the occipital sinus. The samples were collected in syringes containing heparin. After collection the samples were identified and refrigerated to posterior hematological analysis. Red blood cell and white blood count were performed using a hemocytometer. The packed cell volume and hemoglobin were determined by the microhematocrit method and cyanmethemoglobin method, respectively. Total plasma protein was determined by refractometry and differential leukocyte count was performed by the Shilling technique. There was a significant difference in the total white blood cell count and on the total plasma protein value, and on both cases the results found on the samples from the dorsal coccygeal vein were lower. The difference found on the white blood cell count was probably due to the lymph contamination of the samples, which also justifies the lower values of total plasma protein. In conclusion, the occipital sinus is more recommended blood collection site than the dorsal coccygeal vein.

Trachemys scripta; red-eared slider; blood collection; dorsal coccygeal vein

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