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Origin and distribution of the brachial plexus of Saimiri sciureus

Elenara B. Araújo Ana R. Lima Luane L. Pinheiro José A.P.C. Muniz Aline Imbeloni Érika Branco About the authors

The authors described the origin and composition of the brachial plexus of four Saimiri sciureus, from the National Primate Center (Cenp), Ananindeua/PA, which were fixed with formaldehyde and dissected. Findings revealed that the brachial plexus of this species is composed by nervous fibers from the roots of cervical vertebrae C4 to C8 and thoracic vertebrae T1, and organized into four branchs. Each branch has formed a nerve or a group of nerves, the origin was varied between animals, mostly were found the cranial trunk originate the subclavian nerve; the medium-cranial originate the suprascapular, subscapular, part of radial and in some cases the axillary, musculocutaneous and median nerves; the medium-caudal trunk originate part of radial nerve and in some cases the axillary, musculocutaneous, median, thoracodorsal, ulnar and medial cutaneous of forearm nerves, the last two nerves also originate from the caudal trunk.

Nerves; brachial plexus; nonhuman primate; Saimiri sciureus

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