Effect of age and gender about the serum concentration of eritropoetin in Arabian horses

Joandes Henrique Fonteque Aguemi Kohayagawa Mere Erika Saito Andrey Borges Teixeira Marcos Jun Watanabe Armen Thomassian About the authors

The erythropoietin (EPO) is a glicoproteic grow factor synthesized by the adjacent cells in the proximal renal tubes and controlled by feedback mechanism that involve the tension of tissular oxygen. In the presence of low tension of arterial oxygen, the production of EPO increases and it causes a major production of erythrocytes in the marrowbone. Due to poor knowledge of the serum concentration of erythropoietin in equines and the absence of information about the differences between age and gender, the aim of this study was to compare the serum concentration of erythropoietin in Arabian horses, clinically healthy with different age and gender. A total of 31 horses were used from 6 to 12 months old (young) and over 24 months old (adult), 13 males (six young and seven adult) and 18 females (eight young and ten adult) clinically healthy. Blood samples were collected from jugular vein using a vacuntainer with blood clot gel activator and the serum was separated by centrifugation and stored until the time of processing. The EPO serum concentration was measured by radioimmunoassay method (RIA) using a commercial kit (EPO Trac TM125I RIA, Diagnostic Systems Laboratories, Webster, Texas, USA). For statistical analysis of data were used the Student t test at 5% level of significance (P<0.05). It was not observed any statistic differences (P<0.05) between the sex and age of the animals from 6 to 12 months old and over of 24 months. We concluded that the concentration of the EPO in Arabian equines is independent of the sex and age, and can be used as reference values however it is very important and necessary to obtain references values for each laboratory.

Erythropoietin; Arabian; horses

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