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Serum activity of muscular enzymes in mules after a 100 km endurance exercise

The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of an exercise of submaximal intensity on serum concentrations of aspartate aminotransferase (AST), creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in mules during endurance exercise in Espirito Santo, Brazil. Serum samples were obtained from 20 mules in four different moments: at rest (T0); after 54 km (T1); after 80 km (T2); and after 100 km (T3). Samples were analyzed at Laboratório Clínico Veterinário (CEMEVES). Serum AST analysis revealed mean values of 341.7±73.9 UI/L, 403.1±78.4 UI/L, 410.5±70.5 UI/L and 426.5±66.7 UI/L, respectively at moments T0, T1, T2 and T3. LDH mean values recorded in T0, T1, T2 and T3 were, respectively, 423.1±101.8 UI/L, 534.4±131.8 UI/L, 628.5±100.6 UI/L and 823.4±273.2 UI/L. Finally, when evaluating CK, median values recorded were 231.3 UI/L, 310.6 UI/L, 253.2 UI/L and 476.0 UI/L, respectively on the moments T0, T1, T2 and T3. Results showed that the physical exercise imposed leaded to significantly increase in serum AST and LDH and did not change serum CK.

Muscular enzymes; AST; CK; LDH; exercise; mules

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