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Bacteriological, cytological and histopathological evaluation of the reproductive tract of slaughtered cows

Avaliação bacteriológica, citológica e histopatológica do trato reprodutivo de vacas abatidas

Julia B.S. Casarin Ana P. Martini Janislene M. Trentin Mariani F. Fiorenza Gilson A. Pessoa Severo S. Barros Mara I.B. Rubin About the authors


Reproductive diseases, mainly endometritis, are important hurdles in cattle raising, In the current study we evaluated gross, bacteriological, cytological, and histological findings from selected sites of the genital from 23 slaughtered cows and tested whether there is an association between these findings and the probability of reaching a reliable diagnosis. The results from the examinations of macroscopic aspects of uterine secretions, the cytological, bacteriological, and histopathological findings were then correlated. There was no significant correlation (P>0.05) of the statistical data from different parts of the genital tract. Trueperella pyogenes and Escherichia coli were isolated from the vagina in 3/23 cases. In only 2/23 samples Enterococcus faecalis and a gram-negative, oxidase-positive bacteria were isolated from the cervix uteri. Only Staphylococcus epidermidis, in 1/23 case, was isolated from the uterus. Histopathological findings in uterus from samples of Groups II (moderate lesions) and III (severe lesions) did not translated in grossly visible changes. Samples from reproductive tracts with secretion in the vagina and cervix uteri had no detectable changes in the other parameters analyzed from this portion. Uterus with positive bacterial culture had evidence of ascendant inflammation judging by the high granulocyte count in the three analyzed portions. This study reinforces that vaginitis and cervicitis in the cow diagnosed only by clinical examination does not reflect the real status of the uterine health. For this reason, treatment of uterine disorders should be conducted based on reliable tests to determine the appropriate therapy for each situation.

Cattle diseases; reproductive diseases; reproductive tract; endometritis

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