Na "casa da mãe"/na "casa do pai": anotações (de uma antropóloga e avó) em torno da "circulação" de crianças

Maria Angelica Motta-Maués About the author

This paper discusses children's circulation, based in personal inspiration, fieldwork and observation of particular situations. Taking into account some experiences such as children of poor parents brought up by well-to-do people as a member of their household, adoption, fosterage, children's tutelage and circulation of children of medium social strata between father's and mother's house, the purpose of this article is: (1) to see how these phenomena have been interpreted in anthropological studies; (2) to conceive this circulation in a more flexible and broader manner, to include in it more dynamic and shorter fluxes, and other groups that permit to see, in this circuit, for instance, an anthropologist and her grandson.

child; children's circulation; medium social strata; popular social strata; family

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