A dívida e a diferença. Reflexões a respeito da reciprocidade

Jorge Luiz Mattar Villela About the author

The goal of this article is to propose alternative reflections to the notion of "gift" as an anthropological concept, free of the qualities of equivalence, homeostasis, dialectics, and acknowledgment. As the present text suggests, these elements are essential in several interpretations of Marcel Mauss's Essai sur le Don, as well as various anthropological interpretations of the concept of reciprocity. I have approached this material through the use of concepts presented by authors such as Nietzsche in his Genealogy of Moral, and Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's Anti-Oedipe, who resist subjacent hegelianism in the construction and use of gift and reciprocity referred to above.

Reciprocity; gift; anthropological theory

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