Quantitative relationships between market orientation, organizational performance and external perception of success or failure in technological research institutions affiliated to ABIPTI

The theme of Market Orientation has occupied a central position in the theory of marketing in recent decades. The main empirical studies in this field have focused on industrialized countries and the managerial sector. Empirical research in the market orientation field focusing on the type of organization that does not necessarily pursue profit remains limited. In an attempt to examine the importance of market orientation, this study investigates its relationship with organizational performance and external perceptions of success or failure in the core activities of Brazilian technological research institutions affiliated with the Brazilian Association of Technological Research Institutions (ABIPTI). Univariate and multivariate statistical techniques were used to validate constructs concerning the measurement methods employed, namely: indicators of organizational performance of the ABIPTI management prize; the MARKOR scale adapted and validated for the purposes of the study and Panel of Experts, applied to a set of experts in the sector of science and technology in Brazil. The results show high levels of adjustment to the proposed theoretical structure, and confirm all four hypotheses and the three research-derived hypotheses that were testedtested. The results of the study show that market orientation in the technological research institutions under study has a positive and significant relationship with the organizational performance of these institutions, and this association is clearly visible to a group of experts in the Brazilian science and technology field who are external to these institutions, in assessing how successful or unsuccessful these institutions are in carrying out their core activities.

science and technology (S&T); MARKOR scale; organizational performance indicators; market orientation; specialist panel

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