Deterritorialization and reterritorialization movements in organizational change

Denise de Castro Pereira Alexandre de Pádua Carrieri About the authors

The work focuses the concrete and symbolic forms of appropriation of space in a company of the telecommunications sector: Telemig/Telemar-Minas. The dispute for spaces is closely connected to the sense of territoriality. As the individuals defend certain spaces that could interest them, these disputes involve a wide scope of dimensions, such as status, and identity. They possibly reflect symbolic significances in which relationships of power and dominance could be felt. Elements of the discourse analysis (DA) were employed as methodological instruments for the analyses of twelve years of activities of the company; the data was collected by interviews and study of countless documents - written texts. The movements of unterritorialization and reterritorilization of the social actors' involved were reviewed. Those movements, added to the changes in the cultural significances, aim to promote two strategies - first, to provoke a real and symbolic uprooting of the spaces; second, to build a new workspace in the organization.

Symbolic spaces; unterritorialization; reterritorilization

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