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Brazilian scientific production in the 40 psychiatric journals with high impact factor in 2006

OBJECTIVE: The Brazilian scientific production published in 2006 in the twenty psychiatric journals with high impact factor (IF) according to the Journal of Citation Report (JCR), 2006, was evaluated. METHODS: All articles from 94 journals with an IF higher than the average (n = 40) were selected. We assessed the articles that had at least one author affiliated to a Brazilian institution as well as those with only Brazilian authors or a first/senior author belonging to a Brazilian institution. Secondly, the distribution of the author(s) by state was determined. RESULTS: Among 7996 articles surveyed 96 (1.20%) had at least one author from a Brazilian institution and in eight, the first senior author belonged to a Brazilian institution, not including the 59 publications that were written only by Brazilian authors. The distribution by state showed São Paulo as ranking first with 46 articles (47.91%) and absolute predominance of the South-Southeast region (98.95%). CONCLUSION: Although, Brazilian publications on psychiatry had demonstrated apparent quantitative and qualitative growth, scientific production on the subject remains highly concentrated in a few states.

Bibliometric analysis; Journals; Psychiatry; Research; Impact factor

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