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Laboratory predictors of survival in ovarian cancer

Millena Prata Jammal Agrimaldo Martins Filho Guilherme Henrique Bandeira Beatriz Martins Tavares Murta Eddie Fernando Candido Murta Rosekeila Simões Nomelini About the authors



To relate disease-free survival and overall survival with type I and type II ovarian cancer and preoperative laboratory parameters biomarkers.


A retrospective study was carried out based on the collection of data from medical records of patients with ovarian tumors. Kaplan-Mayer curves were drawn based on the statistical analysis of the data and were compared using the Log-rank test.


Disease-free survival in type I ovarian cancer was significantly higher than in type II (p=0.0013), as well as in those with normal levels of CA-125 (p=0.0243) and with a platelet-lymphocyte ratio (PLR) lower than 200 (p=0.0038). The overall survival of patients with type I ovarian cancer was significantly higher than in patients with type II, as well as in patients with normal CA-125 serum levels (p=0.0039) and those with a preoperative fasting glucose of less than 100 mg/dL.


CA-125 levels may predict greater overall and disease-free survival. PLR < 200 may suggest greater disease-free survival, whereas normal fasting glucose may suggest greater overall survival.

survival; ovarian neoplasms; glucose; CA-125 Antigen

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