Gastric cancer with lesion extending to spleen and perforation into free peritoneum

Neoplasia gástrica perfurada com extensão da lesão para o baço

Roberto Gonçalves Roberto Saad Jr Carlos Alberto Malheiros Paulo Kassab Nathália Lins Pontes Vieira About the authors


Perforated gastric carcinoma is a rare condition that is hard to diagnose preoperatively. It is associated with advanced cancer stages and has a high mortality, particularly in cases presenting preoperative shock. Few studies have investigated the presentation and adequate management of these carcinomas. In addition, there are no reports in the literature on perforations extending to the spleen, as described in this case, making the management of these lesions challenging. Our article reports a case of gastric tumor perforation extending to the spleen, which presented as a perforated acute abdomen. The patient was treated with total gastrectomy and D2 lymph node resection with splenectomy and progressed well with current survival of one year at disease stage IV.

acute abdomen; hemoperitoneum; stomach neoplasms

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