Urinary EN-2 to predict prostate cancer: Systematic review and meta-analysis

Proteína EN2 urinária no diagnóstico do câncer de próstata: revisão sistemática e metanálise

Maria Inês da Rosa Eduardo Ronconi Dondossola Maria Cecilia Manenti Alexandre Kristian Madeira Florentino de Araújo Cardoso Antonio José Grande About the authors



Prostate cancer is the second type of cancer diagnosed and the fifth cause of death in men worldwide. Early diagnosis helps to control disease progression. Currently, prostate specific antigen is the standard biomarker, as it has a broad scope of identification and, thus, new and more specific biomarkers must be studied.


To evaluate the accuracy of engrailed-2 protein (EN2) in urine as a prostate cancer biomarker.


A comprehensive search was conducted in the period from January 2005 to July 2016 using the following electronic databases: Medline (PubMed), Embase, Cochrane Library and Lilacs. The keywords used in the databases were: "engrailed-2," "EN2," "prostatic neoplasms." The search was limited to humans and there was no language restriction. Critical appraisal of the included studies was performed according to Quadas-2. Statistical analysis was performed using Meta-DiSc® and RevMan 5.3 softwares.


A total of 248 studies were identified. After title and abstract screening, 231 studies were removed. A total of 17 studies were read in full and two studies were included in the meta-analysis. The pooled sensitivity was 66% (95CI 0.56-0.75) and specificity was 89% (95CI 0.86-0.92). The DOR was 15.08 (95CI 8.43-26.97).


The EN2 test showed high specificity (89%) and low sensitivity (66%).

prostatic neoplasms; biomarker; EN2; systematic review; meta-analysis

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