Competence-based performance assessment: a model which integrates competence-based management, balanced scorecard and 360º feedback

Hugo Pena Brandão Marco Vinício Zimmer Carolina Guarçoni Pereira Fernanda Marques Helder Viana Costa Pedro Paulo Carbone Valéria Ferreira de Almada About the authors

The present work aims to assess the perception of Bank of Brazil employees on the new model of performance assessment adopted by the bank. This exploratory and descriptive research used a semi-structured questionnaire to collect the quantitative and qualitative data. The sample consisted of 532 employees working in the nine branches of the bank where the model was implemented for validation. Descriptive, factorial and variance analyses were made on the variables involved in the study, and analysis of the qualitative data. The new tool was considered more effective, democratic, participative and able to integrate postulates of management models and tools such as Competence-Based Management, Balanced Scorecard and 360º Feedback, which are accredited by the literature as being modern and effective. Practical advice and future directions for this sort of research are provided.

human resources; competence-based management; performance management; balanced scorecard; 360º feedback

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