Germination and growth of Caesalpinia ferrea mart. Ex Tul. In different substrate

Seedlings production of native species for commercial planting and for recovery of degraded areas leads to an increasing seeking for technologies that reduce costs to establish native species, as for example alternative substratum. The objective of this work was to provide better emergency of seeds and initial growth of seedlings of Caesalpinia ferrea Mart. ex Tul. plants, therefore it was tested different types of substrates, using dystroferric red latosol, clay texture - C, mixed with sand - S (0.5 dm³ of land / 0.5 dm³ of sand), adding organic fertilizer (OF) organosuper® and chemical fertilizer (CF) Yoorin® at different ratios, constituting the following substrates: 1) C+S (control); 2) C+S+OF (9.86 g dm-3); 3) C+S+OF (14.69 g dm-3); 4) C+S+OF (19.46 g dm-3), 5) S+C+CF (8.4 g dm-3). The composition earth + sand + 19.46 g dm-3 of the organic fertilizer provided better emergence of seedlings and greater Emergence Speed Index of wood-iron seedlings, presenting values of 60.4 and 0.330, respectively. Chemical fertilization increased the production of fresh and dry mass of seedlings, with values of 399.9mg and 169.8respectively, with means which did not significantly differ from the highest dose of organic fertilization.

Native species; Organic fertilization; Seedlings

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