Development of recycled paper properties by ultrasonic treatment and addition of xylan

This study evaluates the potential of ultrasonic vibration application and xylan addition to improve the quality of recycled papers. Firstly, a study was conducted to optimize the ultrasonic treatment conditions. The influence of pH, pulp consistency and treatment time were evaluated. Pulp consistency did not affect the results. On the other hand, high treatment time and pH intensify the ultrasonic effects. The ultrasonic vibration improved the mechanical properties of paper as a similar manner to the refine in PFI, with less intensity, however. Ultrasonic vibrations act mainly by promoting the external defibrillations of fibres. Also the effects of hemicelluloses addition were evaluated. The results showed that even with low dosage of hemicelluloses (10g/kg) it was possible to increase the paper strength. Dosages higher than 5g/kg are unwanted. The ultrasonic treatment and the xylan addition are technically efficient to improve the paper quality.

Secondary fibers; Ultrasonic; Xylan

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