Floristic and ecological characterization of arborization of municipality of the Guarapuava, PR

The objective of present study were to carry a floristic survey and evaluate some ecological characteristics of principal squars public of municipality of the Guarapuava, mid-southern region of Paraná state. The sampling were carried out from January 2007 to March 2009. Were found 98 species distributed in 43 family. The abundance measured were 1.143 individues. The most widespread specie was Tipuana tipu, while the most abundance was Grevillea robusta and Platanus acerifolia. Regarding the origin,of the majoritary, both species and abundance are exotic. The richness, abundance, H' and equity values were relatively high while dominance and similarity values rere low. Despite the high value of richness and diversity, the high frequency of few species and low number of individuals for sampled area place the public squars in the area evaluated in intermediate ecological conditions. The high number of exotic species reflects, still, the lack of interet in the conservation of regional flora.

Urban arborization; Public squars; Diversity

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