Evaluation of the effectiveness and predictors of a distant training in a large bank

Evaluating corporate training via intranet is a challenge for researchers and professionals since it has been increasingly frequent. This study aimed to verify the effectiveness of a distance training. A course in commercial area offered by a Brazilian bank for their employees was evaluated. Five scales were applied to 742 employees - participants' attitudes on distance education, training needs assessment, support for implementation of training, training impact at work (depth and breadth). Principal components and exploratory factor analyses, internal consistency, t-test, correlation and multiple regression were conducted. Results indicated that participants who perceived greater support for the implementation of the training, who had more favorable attitudes to distance education and, above all, those who perceived greater need of training, reported a higher occurrence of training impact at work. Findings suggest that it should be given a greater attention to the diagnostic phase of training needs and continue to spread distance education advantages in enterprise environments.

training needs analysis; distance training evaluation; attitudes toward distance education; training impact at work; support for the training implementation

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