Calibration of ionization chambers for computed tomography beams in Brazil: the present reality

Ana Figueiredo Maia Linda V.E. Caldas

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to establish a calibration methodology specific for pencil ionization chambers used in computed tomography dosimetric procedures, in compliance with the most recent recommendations. The study was developed at the Calibration Laboratory of the Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares. MATERIALS AND METHODS: An industrial x-ray equipment, several types of ionization chambers, a mobile collimator (diaphragm type), and several high purity aluminum filters were utilized in this study. RESULTS: Diagnostic radiology standard irradiation fields were established according to IEC 61267 standard, and an adequate calibration procedure for pencil ionization chambers was elaborated. CONCLUSION: The appropriate calibration of pencil ionization chambers is already a reality in Brazil. The calibration procedure was defined on the basis of international standards and on a comparative study using two different methodologies.

Pencil ionization chamber; Calibration methodologies; Standard beams

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