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Maintenance management model for conventional radiology equipments

Nelson Fraga do Couto Rildo Santos Ribeiro Ana Cecília Pedrosa de Azevedo Antonio Carlos Pires Carvalho About the authors

We developed a management model for maintenance of hospital radiological X-ray equipment. The model was implemented in several steps including visits to other hospitals where equipment management is also done, collaboration work with "Fundação Oswaldo Cruz" for the realization of courses and a training program for the hospital electronic technicians, organization of a small library with the schemes of the radiological equipment in use at "Hospital Universitário Clementino Fraga Filho", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, development of a management software using a database from Access (Microsoft Windows) and evaluation of the performance of the radiological equipment. The implementation of a new routine for equipment maintenance fulfils the need for reducing repair delay and costs, improving image quality in radiodiagnosis services, and complying with resolution 453/98 of the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Equipment maintenance; Radiography; Database management system

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