Which is the best period to perform uterine artery Doppler in the prediction of pregnancy complications?

OBJECTIVE: To estimate which is the best period to realize uterine artery Doppler for the prediction of pregnancy complications. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A prospective study was conducted with 45 women without a history of chronic diseases and in their first pregnancy. The uterine artery Doppler was performed between the pregnancy weeks 18-20, 24-26, 28-30 and 34-36, with determination of the resistance index, the pulsatility index, the A/B ratio and presence or absence of notch on the flow velocity waveform, as well as the result of the pregnancy. RESULTS: The Doppler index showed decrease in the course of the pregnancy, more pronounced in the normal pregnancies in comparison with the complicated pregnancies. This was most noticed in the examinations performed between the weeks 24-26. The best sensitivity/specificity relation for detecting pregnancy complications was achieved in the examination performed in this same period. CONCLUSION: The best period to perform uterine artery Doppler for prediction of pregnancy complications is between weeks 24-26 of gestation.

Doppler; Uterine artery; Preeclampsia; Intrauterine growth restriction

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