Psoas muscle abscess after epidural analgesia: case report

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Psoas muscle abscess is a rare complication of epidural analgesia. The adequate approach to this complication is fundamental for a good resolution. The objective of this report was to discuss the diagnosis and treatment of psoas muscle abscess. CASE REPORT: A female patient, 65 years old, with neuropathic pain in the lower limbs, difficult to control with systemic drugs. The patient was treated with epidural opioid and local anesthetic as an alternate treatment. Twenty days after the continuous epidural administration, the patient complained of lumbar pain, headache, and fever. A CT scan of the pelvis showed an abscess of the psoas muscle, thus, closed drainage and antibiotics were indicated. CONCLUSIONS: An adequate, continuous supervision of the patient is necessary when an epidural catheter is placed, and it should continue after its removal.


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