Anesthesia for a patient with Fanconi anemia for developmental dislocation of the hip: a case report

Zafer Dogan Huseyin Yildiz Ismail Coskuner Murat Uzel Mesut Garipardic About the authors

Fanconi anemia is a rare autosomal recessive inherited bone marrow failure syndrome with congenital and hematological abnormalities. Literature regarding the anesthetic management in these patients is limited. A management of a developmental dislocation of the hip was described in a patient with fanconi anemia. Because of the heterogeneous nature, a patient with fanconi anemia should be established thorough preoperative evaluation in order to diagnose on clinical features. In conclusion, we preferred caudal anesthesia in this patient with fanconi anemia without thrombocytopenia, because of avoiding from N2O, reducing amount of anesthetic, existing microcephaly, hypothyroidism and elevated liver enzymes, providing postoperative analgesia, and reducing amount of analgesic used postoperatively.

Fanconi anemia; Caudal anesthesia; Developmental dislocation of the hip

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