Gesneriaceae of Cadeia do Espinhaço in Minas Gerais, Brasil

Gesneriaceae is predominantly tropical, and comprises nearly 3,000 species. The Espinhaço Range include parts of Minas Gerais and Bahia States and presents several types of vegetation, including the "campos rupestres" (the dominant one). The northern limit of the study area is Espinosa and the southern is Serra de Ouro Branco. This work was carried out based on bibliography survey, herbarium material, field observations and gatherings. The floristic survey revealed 21 species belonging to six genera: Anetanthus, Codonanthe, Gloxinia, Nematanthus, Paliavana and Sinningia. Identification keys, descriptions and comments of taxa are presented elaborated, as well as maps of geographic distribution and illustrations of the species.

Campo rupestre; Espinhaço Range in Minas Gerais; Floristic; Gesneriaceae; Taxonomy

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