Spatial genetic structure within natural populations of Machaerium villosum Vog. (Leguminosae) at Moji-Guaçu region, SP, Brazil

Estrutura genética espacial em populações naturais de Machaerium villosum Vog. (Leguminosae) na região de Moji-Guaçu, SP, Brasil

A spatial autocorrelation study of enzyme loci detected by starch gel electrophoresis was performed to verify the occurrence of spatial genetic structure within two natural populations of Machaerium villosum Vog. The sampled populations were termed "Antropic Model (MA)" and "Natural Model (MN)" and they are situated in Campininha Farm areas, at Moji-Guaçu municipality, 22°10'43''-22°18'19'' S and 47°8'5"-47°11'34" W, in the state of São Paulo. Ten polymorphic loci in the MA population and nine polymorphic loci in the MN population were assessed by Moran's I autocorrelation statistic. No spatial autocorrelation was detected among individuals within sampled populations. Results are in line with other studies in woody species from tropical rain forest.

Machaerium villosum; allozymes; spatial autocorrelation

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