Hamartoma cístico retro-retal: relato de 2 casos e revisão da literatura

Retrorectal tumors are those located in the retrorectal space, derived from germinal layers and may exert extrinsic compression of rectum and anal canal. They are uncommon lesions, usually asymptomatic and more frequent in females than in males. Cystic hamartoma (tailgut cyst) is a congenital retrorectal tumor, derived from embryonic remnants of the posterior gut. The present work makes a review on retrorectal tumors giving emphasis to the cystic lesions and reports two cases of patients suffering from retrorectal cystic hamartoma treated at the Hospital Geral de Goiânia , with evident lesions on rectal examination and imaging showing cystic lesions in the presacral space. The resection of the mass was accomplished by means of a posterior approach (Parks approach) associated with abdominal approach in one of the cases. Mycroscopic section showed cystic hamartoma. Cystic lesions in the retrorectal space usually have a favorable prognosis and the surgical approach will depend on their aspects, main the distance between the lesion itself and the anal verge, and its adherence to surrounding parts in the presacral space.

Cystic hamartoma; tailgut cyst; retrorectal tumor

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