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Enlarged resection for locally advanced colorectal adenocarcinoma: case report and literature review

The locally advanced colorectal cancer compromises adjacent structures and do not disseminate distant metastasis, occur in 5 to 18% of patients. It is properly treated with tumour resection as well as other compromised organs in an "en bloc" resection with free margins. We report a 27 year old, male patient with colorectal adenocarcinoma invading the urinary bladder and cecum. He was treated with total colectomy associated with radical cistectomy and ileostomy. The urinary transit was established building an ileal reservatory anastomosed to the urethra. The tumour histopathologic study showed adenocarcinoma moderate differentiated, invading urinary bladder (T4N0). Postoperative treatment was 5-fluorouracil and folinic acid chemotherapy. After 36 months of outcome, patient is improving and preserves urinary function but has ejaculatory dysfunction.

Colorectal cancer; invasive; bladder; cistectomy; urinary derivation

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