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Profile of the pacient with stoma and complications related to stoma

OBJECTIVE: To elaborate the profile of the patients with permanent ostomies and the complications related to the stoma. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This is a retrospective study based on the database of the patients with permanent ostomies, registered in the 'Programa de Ostomizados do Centro de Especialidades Médicas' of the City Hall of Campo Grande, MS. RESULTS: It was evaluated 178 handbooks of these patients (56,7% men and 43,3% women). The average age was 46,8 years for the male group and 54.6 years for the female group. It was found 152 colostomies (85,4%), 21 ileostomies (11,8%) and 5 urostomies (2,8%). The main indication for the stomas was the cancer (46,6%). The second indication was abdominal trauma (7,3%), and third was patients with decubitus ulcer (6,7%). Inadequate pouch placement was found in 90 patients (50,6%). Stomal complications had been found in 103 patients (57,9%), including skin irritation (28,7%), plain stoma (18,6%), peristomal hernia (10,7%) and stomal retraction (10,1%). CONCLUSIONS: It was concluded that, in the group evaluated, the major indication for stomal confection was the rectosigmoid cancer and the anal cancer. The most common was the peristomal dermatitis.

ostomy; morbidity; postoperative complications; statistics & numerical data; health profile

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