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Partial Substitution of Soybean Meal by Poultry Offal Meal in Diets Balanced According to Protein and Total or Digestible Amino Acids for Broilers

C Bellaver PAR Brum GMM Lima J Boff J Kerber About the authors

Ideal protein (IP) concept in feed formulation is more suitable when alternative ingredients to corn (C) and soybean meal (SBM) are used. Thus, the objective of this paper was to compare diets using IP concept and poultry offal meal (POM) in substitution to SBM in broiler diets. The treatments were: T1= diets with 22% and 20 % crude protein (CP) in starting phase (SP) and growing phase (GP), respectively and 3200 kcal ME/kg all over the experiment; T2= similar energy to T1 and IP diet based on C and SBM (1.15% digestible lysine in SP and 0.90 % in GP); T3= similar diet to T2, with 20% and 25% of substitution of SBM by POM in SP and GP, respectively; T4= similar diet to T3, with 40 and 50 % of substitution of SBM by POM in IP and GP, respectively; T5= similar diet to T4 balanced by total amino acids (1.10 and 1.00 % of total lysine in SP and GP, respectively). Results permitted to conclude that formulation based on IP is better than the ones considering CP or total amino acids. The inclusion of 20 % POM in the initial and 25 % POM in the growing phases of broilers in substitution to SBM improved performance up to 21 days and did not influence performance up to 42 days when diets were formulated according to ideal protein concept.

poultry offal meal; soybean meal; animal by-products; ideal protein; digestible amino acids; total amino acids

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