Sound Levels in Broilers Breeder Production System: A Case Study

The economical sector of broiler breeder production employs a large number of workers who stay around 44 hours per week within the buildings for both growing and production, as well as the areas surrounding the incubator chamber. This research evaluated the sound level in the broiler breeder production system , in the Dark House and in the egg production housing, in the chickling vaccination room and inside the room where the fertile eggs are conditioned for both transportation or to go inside the incubator chamber. The trial took place during two consecutive days, during 8 hours while the workers where in side the buildings. The level of noise was registered using the sound level equipment Lutron SL 4001. The results showed that inside the egg production housing, as well as the room where the vaccination of chickling takes place, there are levels of critical values where ear protection is needed in order to attend the current Brazilian legislation.

sound level; incubator chamber; breeder housing; breeding; egg production housing

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