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Corn Particle Size and Physical Form of The Diet and Their Effects on Performance and Carcass Yield of Broilers

F Dahlke AML Ribeiro AM Kessler AR Lima About the authors

The experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of different corn particle size, expressed as geometric mean diameter (GMD)(0.336 mm, 0.585mm, 0.856 mm and 1.12 mm) and two diet forms (mash-M and pellets-P) on performance and carcass yield of broilers from 21 to 42 days of age. M diets, produced with 0.336 mm of GMD resulted in lower feed intake (FI) (p<0.001), lower weight gain (WG) (p<0.001) and worse feed efficiency (FE) (p<0.001) than 0.336 mm P diets. M and P diets with other GMD did not show differences in performance. When particle size was evaluated itself, increments in GMD resulted a linear increase on WG and a quadratic increase on FI and FE. Neither form of diet nor particle size influenced carcass and leg+drumstick yields, although breast yield decreased with M diet,0.336 mm GMD (p<0.001).

geometric mean diameter; corn; performance; carcass yield

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