The Effect of Competitive Exclusion Product on the Prevention of the Toxic Effects of Ochratoxin in Broilers

This experiment aimed at evaluating the action of competitive exclusion (CE) on the effects of ochratoxin A (OA). Birds fed 2ppm OA in the diet had significant lower feed intake, weight gain, and feed conversion than birds not exposed to OA in the diet. The use of CE on the first day of age did not minimize these effects nor the performance parameters studied. Birds fed OA has lower vaccinal titers of Newcastle disease virus, showing the interference of this mycotoxin on the humoral immune response of broilers. CE did not interfere in the humoral immune response of broilers vaccinated for Newcastle disease. OA and CE did not influence villus height, crypt depth, nor villus:crypt ratio in seven-day-old birds as compared to control broilers of the same age.

broilers; competitive exclusion; intestinal mucosal; ochratoxin

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