Modified Norwood procedure for hypoplastic left heart syndrome

OBJECTIVE: To show current results of a modified Norwood procedure, where only autologous tissues are used in the reconstruction of the new aortic arch. METHOD: Between January and December of 2002, five neonates with hypoplastic left heart syndrome underwent the modified Norwood operation. Their ages ranged from two to nine days and their weight from 2.5 to 3.7 kg. The mean diameter of the ascending aorta was 6.2 mm. The surgical technique described by FRASER and MEE was employed using exclusively autologous tissue to achieve aortic arch reconstruction. RESULTS: The systemic-pulmonary shunt was perfomed with a 3.0 mm PTFE graft in three patients and with 3.5 mm graft in the other two. Deep hypothermic and circulatory arrest were used in all patients with CP bypass time ranging from 128 to 212 minutes (mean: 154) and circulatory arrest from 41-60 min (mean: 52). There were no intraoperative deaths and all patients underwent delayed sternal closure. There was one postoperative death (9th day) caused by sepsis. There was one death two months after discharge cause by aspiration and pneumonia. One child underwent a 2-direcional Glenn and the other two are still waiting for the second stage. CONCLUSION: After this initial experience with this modified Norwood operation we think this is an excellent alternative to correct hypoplastic left heart syndrome in neonates.

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome; Heart defects, congenital

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